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Gale's View - 7th June 2013
Our Kent Parliamentary colleague, Damian Green, The Police and Criminal Justice Minister, speaks for many when he says that those who live in this land must be required to live by the laws of this land.
Damian is regarded as being to the left of the Conservative spectrum but his remarks, made at a conference set up to address the rising concern about the grooming, use and sale for sex of teenage girls, go to the very heart of our society.
Notwithstanding the activities of a tiny minority of racially motivated white extremists we are, by our nature, a tolerant nation that has, over many centuries, played host to all comers from all colours, classes and creeds and from most of the countries in the world. Long may that remain so.
What we cannot be asked or required to accept, however, is the demands of other, equally racially motivated, extremists, to change our ways, our culture and our laws to suit the demands of visitors to Britain.
"If you come to live in 21st century England" said Damian Green "then you obey the laws and the conventions of 21st century England" . While there are of course sadly still countries where women are treated as chattels and where what we regard as under-age sex is considered acceptable if not desirable, in England the law says that the exploitation of children for personal gratification is a serious and revolting crime. It is right that those who engage in such practices, from whatever part of the globe they may hail and behind whatever culture or creed they may seek to shelter, should understand that they will be given no quarter and no comfort in the United Kingdom.
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do" is a saying that is probably as old as Rome itself.  I believe that our judicial system has, for far too long, under a cloud of "political correctness" and obeisance to "human rights" felt itself obliged to put up with activities and offences committed by visitors to our Country that would not get past first base as a defence offered by any British national. It may have taken far too long but the fact that a Home Office Minister  of State, who also speaks for the Department of Justice, has at last stated publicly what has been said over and over again privately, should give us all some cause for comfort.
We now have to ensure, as elected representatives of the people,  that the Judiciary heeds the will of parliament , puts an end to the practice that has allowed some sharp and expensive lawyers to intimidate juvenile witnesses under the guise of "justice" and throws the book at those responsible for some of the most vile of crimes. There should be no hiding place for such criminals or for those that use spurious tactics to seek to represent them.

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