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Early Birds at New Market Site  16th May 2014

Early birds were out at 5am to set up stall on the new Mortimer Street/William Street Herne Bay Market site on Saturday.
And Traders were joined at “opening time” by Town Manager Chris West, Market Manager for CCC Caroline Hicks and The Bay`s MP, Sir Roger Gale. With every stall under new “gazebo” awnings it was all systems go as the town began to fill with shoppers.

Chris west, Caroline Hicks, Sir Roger Gale and flower sellers.

“There are far more people here at this time of day than is usual” said Chris West and Caroline Hicks added that “There were a few teething problems but everyone who should be here is in place and open for business on time and it`s going really well. We shall be replacing the Herne Bay in Bloom planters with mobile units so that they can be moved to accommodate the weekly market and that will complete a very pretty picture”.
“It`s clear that the paying customers really like the new set up” said Sir Roger “and I`m certain that the Traders will soon be making the new location work and pay for them. I`ve heard nothing but positive comments and I feel sure that the footfall will be good for the shops as well as for the market stalls. Once the Bank Street works are completed it will be possible to attract still more stalls and new business as well and the pavement cafes, which will continue to operate, will also benefit throughout the summer season. Not everyone likes change, of course, but I think that this is definitely change for the better and a brave decision well implemented. I wish everyone working here well for a great success”.

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