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The regulation of the sale of puppies and kittens – debate  4th September 2014
“Legislation to control the sale of animals needed” – Gale.
The President of Conservative Animal welfare, Sir Roger Gale MP, has said that fresh legislation is needed to exercise greater control over the sale of animals in general and of puppies and kittens in particular.
Intervening during a Commons debate today (Thursday 4th September) Sir Roger said:
“Since the abolition of the discredited dog licence in the 1980s there has been a resistance, by all administrations, to the creation of a “Swansea (DVLA) for Dogs. But only the proper registration, vaccination and recording of animals sold will bring an end to the abuse of animals “farmed”, sold on line or through pet shops. We need fresh legislation and we need it now”.
Speaking after the debate Sir Roger, who has consistently campaigned for tighter measures to control “puppy farming” and the conditions under which animals are being sold, said:
“Current legislation has gone some way towards regulating the sale of dogs but the licencing of breeders is too lax, the number of litters that breeders are allowed to deliver is too high. The registration of all animals sold is inadequate, the conditions of sale are on occasions abusive and the regulation of the sale of cats and kittens is virtually non-existent.  The time has come for a complete overhaul of the law, the introduction of new legislation that takes account of the on-line market and the importation of animals and a recognition that with modern technology proper birth-to-death records of pets, including vaccination details, can be maintained without resorting to burdensome and costly bureaucracy”.
That said, there is a cost in keeping ant pet animal and if a person or family cannot afford the very modest one-off cost of registration then they are unlikely to be able to afford the continuing costs of food and veterinary care that every animal requires. “
Responding to the debate the Minister, George Eustace, has indicated a willingness to respond to the concerns expressed by Members on all sides of the House and has pointed to additional controls over the age at which puppies can be imported as a step in the right direction.

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