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Liberal Democrats kill second Referendum Bill
The Liberal democrats have effectively killed off Bob Neill`s Private Member`s European referendum Bill.
In order for the bill to proceed a money resolution has to be passed.  Until now it had been hoped and expected that the Liberal Democrat members of the coalition  would agree to the money resolution as they did with James Wharton`s earlier and identical referendum bill which was wrecked by Labour and the Liberal democrats in the House of Lords. It was also hoped that they might, in view of Mr. Clegg`s manifesto commitment to a referendum, allow the measure to become a Government Bill which would have guaranteed it a safe passage through the Commons for a second time.
Instead, the Liberal democrats have joined Labour in blocking the bill. 
“The message is clear” says North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale “Labour and the Liberal Democrats are not prepared to trust the British people to decide our country`s future in Europe.  UKIP cannot deliver a referendum at all so the only way for an in/out referendum to be held is for people to deliver a majority Conservative government at the next election and that`s a message that the voters in Rochester and Strood would do well to take on board also.  We will deliver. Other parties cannot or will not"

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