Libya – Need for Urgent Action  (18th March 2011)
North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, has this (Friday) morning welcomed the United Nations resolution that will permit international intervention in Libya but has again warned that unless action is immediate it may prove to be too late.
Speaking in the Commons debate yesterday (Thursday) the MP had said that unless the international community became involved within 48 hours “then so far as Libya is concerned then the “Arab Spring” will be over,  the revolution will have been crushed and the blood of those women and children who have died will be on the hands of those who have failed to act”.
Gale has been pressing for intervention for two weeks as Gadaffi`s forces have rolled back the rebels throughout towns and villages from West to East and following the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday he had likened US inaction to the failure of the West to intervene in the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and in the “Prague Spring” in Czechoslovakia a decade later when help that appeared to have been promised failed to materialise and the revolutions were crushed.
“Gadaffi is poised to obliterate Benghazi” says Gale. “With over-stretched supply lines between his power-base in Tripoli and Benghazi air strikes on the City of Benghazi represent the most obvious and likely military option for him. The effect of aerial bombardment upon a crowded city of a million people is imminent and would be devastating with huge loss of civilian life.
It must be vital that, now that the resolution has been passed, steps are taken to immediately incapacitate Gadaffi`s aircraft and operational airfields before a greater tragedy occurs. When Gadaffi says that he will show “no mercy” to those who are resisting him he clearly means it”.

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