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Gale pledges support for better services for cancer survivors  (May 7th 2009)

North Thanetís MP, Roger Gale, is giving his support to the two million cancer survivors living in the UK.
Roger promised to campaign for better cancer services at a House of Commons reception hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support  on 6 May.
The cancer charity is looking to raise awareness of the difficulties cancer patients face in getting their lives back after a life-threatening disease.
Many survivors experience emotional problems, side effects such as severe fatigue or memory loss, or find it hard to get back to work, pay the bills or start a family. 
Speaking at the Commons, Roger Gale, a longstanding Parliamentary supporter of Macmillan, said “I represent a significant number of the two million people living in the UK today who have had a cancer diagnosis and this number is rising by 3 per cent every year.  They will live with the disease or the consequences of their treatment for the rest of their lives.

“Thatís why health and social care services need to start doing more to support this growing population and why Iím backing Macmillanís campaign to help the two million cancer survivors in the UK get their lives back.Ē
Roger supporting the campaign
CiarŠn Devane, Macmillanís Chief Executive, spoke at the event which was attended by over 150 MPs, peers, cancer policy makers and charities.
He said: “Cancer survivors tell Macmillan they feel abandoned after treatment and need more support.  We are delighted that so many MPs are committed to working with us to improve the quality of life of people living with or after cancer.  Cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence but it shouldnít be a life sentence either.Ē
Macmillan provides help and support for anyone affected by cancer.  For more information contact Macmillanís helpline on 0800 500 800 or go to

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