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Letter to the Gazette  (August 5th 2008)

The Editor,
Herne Bay Gazette.


I read your last letters page with wry contempt.

Is this the same Liberal-leading Alex Perkins who, prior to the formation of his last miserable administration promised to re-build Herne Bay Pier and then failed to deliver?  Is this the same Liberal Democrat now demanding that the Council "listens to the people" who went out to consultation on designs for a swimming pool - and then selected the design that the Town liked least?

Is this the party that, offered lottery funding (through  my support) to renovate the bandstand could have roofed the structure to make it useable for twelve months of the year and, in the winter, accommodate an ice rink - and lacked the courage to pursue that possibility?

Rag, Tag and Bobtail may play the populist card but real administrations have to take tough decisions in the interests of the Townís future.

I will continue to forcefully criticise the Council when, as over the proposal to locate a new Sports Shed at the back of the Town, I believe that they are wrong.  And I will continue to give John Gilbey and his team my wholehearted support when, as with his endeavours to re-locate a manned tourist information centre and ticket office, provide modern information systems and put the bandstand space to better and attractive use, I believe them to be right.  What I will not do is take lessons from a Liberal leader and his orchestrated acolytes who have failed the Town once and, given the opportunity, would fail the Town again.

Yours etc.,
Roger Gale, MP
House of Commons

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