Knife Crime - " Ban hammers and screwdrivers - or bring back capital punishment " - MP

"Either ban hammers and screwdrivers and other carpenters` tools or bring back capital punishment as the maximum available sentence for murder" is the response from North Thanet's Tory MP, Roger Gale, to suggestions that in response to knife crime a ban upon sharp-pointed kitchen knives should be introduced.

"Are we seriously suggesting that Sabatier chef's knives should be banned "? Says the MP, who is probably one of very few MPs who have cooked in a professional kitchen.

"At home I have an oyster knife with a blade scarcely more than an inch long. It is potentially lethal. My wife Suzy and I also have a full range of kitchen cutlery and most of the knives have sharp points.  Are we seriously suggesting that the fundamental implements of Western culinary art should be banned?  Because if so then a panoply of carpenters and plumbers "weapons" , for example, such as hammers and screwdrivers , will have to be taken out of circulation.

I would suggest that the much more basic but practical response to the growth in armed crime is the re-introduction of capital punishment for murder"

The MP.who was the last Member to seriously attempt an amendment to introduce capital punishment to a criminal justice bill, said today:

"This will inevitably lead to "bring back hanging" headlines.  I have always believed that hanging is an abhorrent method of execution but I also believe that there are some crimes for which capital punishment is appropriate. Prior to the abolition of capital punishment those with criminal intent generally did not go about their business and their everyday lives "tooled up". Now they do.  I appreciate that a re-introduction would mean the repeal of the Human Rights Act but I have no problem with that whatsoever. Parliament must act in the interests of The UK and its people and not, necessarily, in compliance with European legislation" 

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