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Election Statement by Andrew Marr - an abuse of parliament and democracy -MP  (October 8th 2007)

North Thanet`s Member of Parliament Roger Gale, a broadcast journalist and former Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party has this (Saturday) afternoon described as "a disgrace and an abuse of parliament and of democracy" the chaotic and undignified manner in which the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has used a pre-recorded interview with the BBC`s Andrew Marr, to announce to the nation that there will be no general election this year.

Speaking in his North Thanet Constituency Roger Gale said:
"We have watched in disgust as, live on television, Marr scurried into 10 Downing Street to record an interview  with the Prime Minister and then, acting as something akin to His Master`s Voice, emerged to don an earpiece and announce to the world that Brown had confirmed that he would not hold an election this year.

This episode demonstrates the contempt in which Brown, the "Son of the Manse" who wanted to engage in "a different style of politics" clearly holds both the public and parliament and also reveals alarmingly the manner in which an already discredited BBC seems prepared to allow itself to be used by this Labour administration.

Brown could, as Prime Minister, have ended all speculation through either a formal televised all-channels Prime Ministerial statement, with Opposition response, or he could more properly have saved his statement until the House of Commons sits again on Monday.

The fact of the matter is that in a manner shoddily reminiscent of the ten years of Blair/Brown administration the Prime Minister has lost his nerve and hidden behind Auntie`s skirts to allow the BBC to make his craven announcement for him.

It has been said by commentators at Blackpool and since that a cancellation of Labour`s election plans is what we, in the Conservative Party, have been trying to achieve.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We believe that, with a government poised to commit us to a European Constitutional Treaty without a referendum, an election is in the most vital Interests of our United Kingdom. We are ready for it locally here in Kent and nationally.  We are, apparently, to be denied the opportunity to express our views through the ballot box by a Prime Minister who should for ever now wear a white feather in his cap and who has spoken not with the voice of authority but through a tame mouthpiece."

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