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The United Kingdom – a thorough review needed.  19th September 2014
A thorough review of the United Kingdom, not “a piecemeal approach” is what is required following the result of the Scottish Referendum, says North Thanet`s MP Sir Roger Gale.
Speaking in Thanet this morning the MP said:
“First, I welcome the fact that the Scots have rejected the separatists` cause.  The break up of the United Kingdom would have had disastrous consequences for Scotland and for the rest of the Union.
I am, though, concerned that we appear to be about to rush into legislation to honour commitments given on the hoof and without consultation with parliament during the campaign while leaving Wales, Northern Ireland and most particularly England trailing in Scotland`s “Home Rule” wake.
I have long advocated the abolition of the House of Lords and of the House of Commons and their replacement with four national parliaments, under First Ministers, dealing with all parochial issues and national taxation, together with a United Kingdom Senate (elected on a two member per UK County basis) under a Prime Minister that would deal with Defence, Foreign Policy and macro-taxation and which would perpetuate and maintain the Union. The Monarch would, under these terms, remain the Head of State.
I am pleased that the Prime Minister, in his Downing Street statement this morning, has recognised the importance of addressing English concerns but very worried that a piecemeal approach to the reform of the constitution will once again lead to a dog`s breakfast of legislation that will prove costly and divisive while not solving the underlying issues of governance that have emerged, not just in Scotland but in the rest of the UK.
Westminster should by now have received a loud and clear message that root-and-branch reform is long overdue.  We have the opportunity, arising from the result of the referendum, to get to grips with the whole issue and we should seize that opportunity.”

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