Gale`s Local Election View (Herne Bay)  12th May 2011
We have, in Herne Bay, a fresh team of Conservative Councillors that embraces a healthy mixture of experience and wisdom and fresh young blood.
The capture of the additional four seats – two in Greenhill and two in Heron Ward – hands to Council Leader  John Gilbey a clear mandate to bring forward and implement his administration`s exciting plans for the future redevelopment of the Town.  I would hope and expect that by the time that Canterbury City Council faces the electorate again real progress in the form of actual reconstruction will have been made.
The sizeable majority that the Canterbury Conservative administration now enjoys – with just one Liberal Councillor in Herne Bay and the three Labour Councillors representing seats outside the Town – also carries with it a huge burden of responsibility. The voters have said “get on with it” but they will want to continue to be consulted and reassured that City Hall will not deploy its numbers to ride roughshod over genuine concerns and alternative views.
As the Town`s Member of Parliament I have enjoyed working with the Leader of the Council and our local Councillors to help to bring forward ideas and to turn aspirations into reality. I believe that these election results reflect in large part a public appreciation of that effort and I now look forward to striving alongside the new administration to continue make the beautiful town of Herne Bay a still better place to live and to work .  I wish all of our re-elected and, most particularly, our newly-elected Councillors the very best of good fortune in the task that lies ahead of them

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