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Gale's View

4th December 2019

The meeting of the Leaders of the NATO alliance in London this week has highlighted the fragile nature of International roles-based order and government and the options that the World faces in choosing between disruption and oppression and stability and the freedoms that we have come to take for granted.

This will be the last “View” before the General Election on 12th December. On Thursday week you will have the opportunity to cast your vote in a process that is likely to define the future of our Country for generations to come and by Friday morning - or slightly later if some of the results are too close to call - you will know who is going to be in charge of that future for up to the next five years.

The need for a definitive outcome is absolute: another ‘hung parliament’ would lead to further delay that will damage our businesses, our prospects of employment, our economy and the health, education, policing, armed forces, social care and all of the other aspects of our lives that depend upon that economy for finance.

The choice and the consequences could not be more stark. At the risk of using a slogan that we have all heard more than enough of in recent weeks “We have to get Brexit done”. Parliament cannot and must not be allowed to continue to devote all of its energies on dithering over our future at the expense of many other vital matters that require our immediate attention. 

The passing of the revised Withdrawal Act will not be the end of the process, but rather what Mr. Churchill might have described as “The end of the beginning”. Following Royal Assent there will be twelve months of hard pounding to hammer out our future and vital relationship with Europe and our trade arrangements with the remaining 27 countries of the EU. That will not be easy but the prospect of months of further renegotiation and at least one or two (including Scottish independence) or the negating of the will of the British people completely, which are the alternatives, is to me unthinkable. We have to get on with the job of returning to something resembling normal government and that can only mean a Conservative government with a working majority.

In my election address, circulated to every voting household, I have asked for your personal support at this time, whatever party political allegiance you may have demonstrated in the past. I have requested this on the basis that we have to see our Country through what is properly described as a crisis and because I believe that that crisis will be resolved neither by the hard Left of Momentum nor by the hard Right and nor by those that want to ignore the result of the 2016 referendum. It will require the effort and goodwill of real One-Nation Conservatives, of which I am proud to call myself one, and of our moderate and experienced friends in the Labour Party if we are to successfully navigate our way through some very uncharted waters and bring this great Country to, first, a safe political haven and then outward again into a prosperous future for us all. 

I have five grandchildren. I want those young people and their generation to be able grow up in a secure future in which their healthcare and their education are well provided for, where they are well and comfortably housed, in an environment that is not threatened by pollution and climate change and where, above all, in which they are, as a result of our national and international strength and treaties, secure.

Recent events, domestically and internationally, have highlighted once again that we cannot take that security for granted.  When you vote in a week’s time please place this thought at the front of your mind. The future of this United Kingdom and all of our futures is at stake.

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