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Crime 2024


the best and most modern equipment and sufficient numbers to carry out the task that we have charged then with. 

As the death of PC Adrian Palmer, murdered while defending the Houses of Parliament, demonstrated tragically and graphically we now face, on our streets, a new kind of threat from international terrorism and the constabulary `front line` deserves every ounce of support that we can afford to offer.

Having held a warrant as a Special Constable myself I am particularly aware of the need to maintain morale and to defend those who we ask to defend us. Through a recovering  economy we can and must do better still. 

Our police officers continue to  respond magnificently to difficult circumstances.  Backed by Matthew Scott as our Police and Crime Commissioner there are now more officers available and while still more would be welcomed many crime rates in Thanet and Herne Bay have fallen very significantly.  While drug addiction and related crime remains a national and a local problem and while violence – and domestic violence – is still at levels that none of us would wish, our streets are safer and more is done, particularly through community partnerships, to prevent young people from becoming involved in crime. 

We have to maintain this momentum. Our policemen and women need the best training,

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