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Manston 2024


business to Schiphol, to Frankfurt, to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and even to Dubai. Goods needed in the UK are flown into European airports and then trucked through the tunnel or by ferry to Britain and our exports have to take the same routes in reverse. That is a nonsense. We must bring that business home and we must expand if we are to survive economically.

There was a time when people used to say “if only Roger Gale cared as much about us as he cares about animals…..” and I am well aware that there are those who now feel that I am giving time supporting Manston Airport that ought to be spent on other issues.  

There are twenty-four hours in a day and I have devoted many of those hours to all aspects of my work, as a Member of Parliament, both at home and abroad. Now that we have a Development Consent Order in place and the legal challenges that have caused so much unnecessary delay and cost  are behind us we can start to move forward. 

It will be some time before commercial wheels are landing on the runway again. There is much planning and construction work to be done and I want, as an East Kent Member of Parliament to see the the creation of a net-zero carbon state-of -the-art freight and passenger airport through to its re-opening.   

I also want to help to realise the job-creating potential of the most exciting project ever to have taken place in Thanet. 

And I want to see the local authority now revising its local plan and throwing its full weight behind Manston Airport. 

I have fought for the future of Manston Airport for the best part of twenty five years and I shall continue to support the project. 

Manston is a national asset that must, in the interests of Great Britain Limited, be re-opened as swiftly as possible. 

The demand for air-freight capacity is growing annually and as Britain develops the new markets that we will need to survive and prosper post-Brexit that demand, particularly in the South East, will be greater still. Today, as I write, the UK is losing

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