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The QEQM is not closing

21st November 2019

On the 21st November, the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock came down to Thanet to visit Sir Roger and Craig Mackinlay and to put a stop to the rumours that the QEQM is going to close- Matt said “We are investing in hospitals right across East Kent, the QEQM is earmarked to have a new MRI scanner and far from the rumours that this hospital will close, we are going to be investing more in the QEQM if you elect a majority Conservative Government.


The Conservative Party Candidate for North Thanet, Sir Roger Gale welcomed the confirmation from Matt and said, “There is no truth in the rumour that the QEQM is going to close it is actually going to grow under the Conservatives.”


South Thanet’s Conservative Party Candidate, Craig Mackinlay has said “This is great to hear, putting a lot of people’s minds at rest, that the Government plans to invest more in our hospitals in East Kent”

After the meeting Sir Roger said:

“This has completely kicked the bottom out of the irresponsible scaremongering peddled by Thanet`s Labour Party and by Sonik. The suggestion made by one Labour Parliamentary candidate that “Tory Cuts will close QEQM hospital. People will die” is a disgraceful lie of the worst party-political kind, designed to frighten the elderly and the vulnerable. I would like to think  that the perpetrator will now apologise for her grossly misleading statement – but that is probably a forlorn hope.


For the record it was a Conservative Secretary of State for Health responding to a request from a Conservative Member of Parliament, that funded the Ramsgate Road Wing of the QEQM and transformed it into a full-scale A&E hospital. I know because I was that Member of Parliament and on my watch the future of the QEQM will remain secure”.

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