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Nature, Wildlife, Woodland & Our Environment 2024


and to do that we need roads and cars and trains and aircraft and the airports that go with them as well as bicycles and the ability just to walk.  We expect the lights in our hospitals and our schools and our businesses and our homes to turn on when we throw the switch and we want to be warm in winter and cool in summer.  Waso want affordable food.  All of those requirements, and the power that is needed to sustain and service them, have placed a growing strain upon our environment and the balance between sustainability and desertification is a difficult one to strike.

If we are to import less and to home-grow more then we cannot go on allowing our farmland to be built on or turned into solar farms.  We have to use all available brownfield sites to provide local affordable homes for local people and we must use the rooves of public buildings and barns and car parks, not farmland, to generate solar power.

I do not wish to see a massive National Grid `converter station` on the marshes and close to an SSSI and the wildlife that it supports and I do not wish to see still more hideous pylons intruding upon our landscape.

As an active supporter of the Kent Wildlife Trust and as Patron of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation it will probably not surprise anyone to know that I believe that there is a clear and pressing need to protect wildlife.  I want my family and yours to be able to enjoy the splendour of the trees and the flowers and the birds and the butterflies in the same habitats that I was privileged to grow up in and I do not think that that is too much to ask however urban we may have allowed ourselves to become. 

In the rural community from which I originate they say that you should live as if you were going to die tomorrow and that you should farm as if you were going to live forever.  Those are wise words. We are the custodians, only, of our planet, of our forests and farmlands and of the seas around our island shores. We have a duty to pass that inheritance on to our children and our grandchildren in good order and with, now, five grandchildren that is a responsibility that I take very seriously indeed.

In today`s world there is a constant tension between our environment and our needs and wants as an industrialised and urbanised society. We expect to be able to travel easily from A to B

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